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Next Concerts

Sept, Oct and Nov are party months.  We’re celebrating!

Celebrating What ?

Forty years – we started out in October 1974, at Christ Church, Albany Street London.

Here’s the concert schedule:

Fri Sept 19 at 8pm in Atherton
Sept 20 at 8pm in Palo Alto (First Lutheran)
Sept 21 at 3pm in Sacramento

The Perils of 18th century life
Bach – Travel Capriccio and Travel Cantata
Telemann – Don Quixote and Concerto for recorder and Flute
Purcell – Songs about time, love and madness

Fri Oct 17 at 12:30pm at Stanford
Oct 18 at 7pm in Los Altos

The Baroque Micro-Orchestra
Vivaldi – Winter
Telemann and Fasch – Miniature Concertos

Sun Oct 19 at 4pm in Menlo Park

Big Band Birthday Bash
Bach – Harpsichord Concerto in F and Birthday Cantata
Vivaldi – Autumn

Sat Nov 22 at 8pm in Palo Alto (Unitarian)
Nov 23 at 4pm in Grass Valley
New and Old
New works written for Karen Bentley Pollick and Jonathan Salzedo
by Stuart Diamond and Jeff Harrington
Trio sonatas by Bach

Where is all this happening ?

Atherton – house concert – please email me for a reservation
Grass Valley – house concert – please email me for a reservation
Los Altos – Immanuel Lutheran, 1517 Grant Road
Menlo Park – St Bede’s, 2650 Sand Hill Road
Palo Alto – First Lutheran, 600 Homer (Sept 20)
Palo Alto – Unitarian Church, 505 Charleston (Nov 22)
Sacramento – Westminster Church, 1300 N Street
Stanford – The Atrium, Stanford Hospital, 300 Pasteur Drive

Who’s Performing ?

Anne Ackerman

Katherine James Adduci

Cathie Apple
Georgeanne Banker

Wendy Bartlett
Vijay Chalasani
Emily Davidson
Ruth Escher
Steve Escher
Jubal Fulks
Lars Johannesson
Joyce Johnson Hamilton

Ned Harris

Pat Ho
Ben Kazez
Brandon Labadie
Peter Lemberg
Rita Lilly
Adaiha Macadam-Somer
Millie Martin

Bill van Melle

Ben Miller

Kim Mai Nguyen
Farley Pearce
Christa Pfeiffer
Karen Bentley Pollick

Norm Proctor

Kent Reed
Alissa Roedig
Neal Rogers
Josh Romatowski
Marion Rubinstein
Laura Rubinstein-Salzedo
Jonathan Salzedo

Lynn Toribara
David Wilson
Ondine Young

Details, details …

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