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I think that now that I’m going to be starting graduate school, it’s probably time to update this site to something more age-appropriate. In particular, the links to most of the pages I made in high school (or before) will no longer appear here. The material that I had was mostly not original, so it should be possible for interested viewers to find it elsewhere. I apologize for any inconveniences. 


Here are some things that are still linked here (clearly).


A bit about me


My courses (including notes for some courses)

My senior thesis on monomial algebras

Musings on mathematics (blog on WordPress)

Course page for a class I taught on combinatorial games

Expository papers on Haar measure, the Jacobi theta function, quantum algorithms in number theory

Basic notes on polynomial knot invariants (from 2001)

Chess (including a few of my better games)

Some music I have written (coming soon)



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